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Marriage education comes with many names; couples counseling, relationship coaching, marriage counseling, premarital counseling, premarital coaching, marriage counseling, and many others. No matter what you call it, it is so much more than just a session or "relationship assessment." It is exploring the individual differences and experiences that make you a strong team while creating a foundation for a marriage that is collectively enriching and fulfilling. LaToya works with couples to explore the dynamics of their relationship, identify their strengths, and practice skills that support their growth. She not only gets you married but helps you stay married!


  • Broaden your perspectives and understanding of one another

  • Improve communication and ease through conflict resolution

  • Inspire and align your values and vision for the future

  • Encourage and support transparent conversations

  • Deepen your appreciation for one another

  • Increase intimacy and closeness



Sessions will focus on the current state of your relationship and be customized for your needs. They are designed to support you through your future together.



Sessions are considered “neutral ground” where both partners are able to speak honestly, share their perspectives, and bond in a compassionate space.



During each session, you will explore tangible skills and professional insight geared toward your specific growth areas as a couple.

Coaching Options


Asses & Explore

Whether you are on your journey to the altar already or want guidance through tough conversations, this course will give you the direction you need. 

By pairing the #1 premarital assessment, Prepare/Enrich, with introspective guided tools, Assess & Explore will help you look at the current state of your relationship through an honest & transformative lens.


Get ready to take the next steps in your journey together, with confidence! 


Getting to "I Do" 
*BEST VALUE* (8 sessions)

These sessions ensure that you have the tools and resources to create a fullfilling and long lasting marriage. By working closely with you and your partner, LaToya is able to support you as you explore your relationships specific strengths and spaces for growth. 

During your virtual sessions, you will receive practical tools, intentional care, and professional insight to support you along your journey in marriage.

Designed specifically for committed couples headed to the altar.


Recurring Monthly

LaToya's premiere monthly program, Living Your Vows, is invite only. 

This sacred space and community is curated to support married couples as they navigate the winding journey through marriage.


Through monthly sessions, group workshop series, and growth exercises, LaToya is there from family planning and other big decision-making to restorative conversations and boundary setting.


Living Your Vows inclides:

  • 2 monthly counseling sessions.

  • 1 group session/workshop

  • Private community access

  • Monthly growth exercises

  • Text support


Single Session

In order to honor the, sometimes urgent, need for single-session support, LaToya offers single sessions for engaged and married couples.

These sessions are ideal for mediation through restorative conversations, neutral ground to immediate challenges or tough moments, check-in sessions, and even vow writing support.

These sessions are hosted virtually but have limied availability.





During the first session you and your partner will look at your couples assessment and explore the different areas of strength and growth opportunities. The initial session is focused on getting to know the two of you and learning about your goals in marriage coaching.


Your following sessions will include topics like intimacy, communication, family boundaries, expectations, emotions, conflict, finances, parenting, current concerns, and more. The neutral space of your sessions will allow you to explore some of the difficult conversations couples often avoid.


Want LaToya to be your officiant?
Discounts on premarital coaching options are available for couples receiving officiant services.

XOQ - Ceremony-62.jpg

Your wedding ceremony is truly one of the most important parts of the wedding day. Prepared and ready to step into sacred altar space, LaToya would be excited to work with you as you celebrate the unique stories and experiences of your life together.

LaToya is sure to make your special day rich in love, laughter, and memories!

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