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Tarot reading is the sacred practice of reading energy and seeking knowledge through the tarot.

Exclusively offering tarot reading and divination services only a few times per year, LaToya is able to create an element of storytelling and connection that captivates everyone that “sits at her table.”

LaToya offers an elevated experience that blends the magic  of New Orleans with elegant mysticism and captivating energy.
Weddings, Welcome Parties, Private Events & More

With a dedication to your guests' experience, LaToya uses her talent as a tarot reader to take them on an interactive and mesmerizing journey. She is known for delivering messages that touch your spirit, resonate with your heart, and speak lovingly to your soul.


Starting at $3,000. Let LaToya bring the magic of tarot to your event, creating an unforgettable and unique experience for every guest.

Deck Used
Individual & Couples Tarot
Private - Limited Availability 

Exploring your journey through the tarot is often an inspiring, emotional, affirming, and eye-opening experience. During your session, you and LaToya will look into the energy surrounding you at this moment and explore the guidance to navigate the paths placed before you. 


With your individual or couples tarot reading, you and LaToya are able to. Bring your inquiries, desires, and concerns to your session. Limited availability.

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